Copy Secrets

Making sales is all about the communication

Delivering a quality product or service is one thing, but to sell, you need the right marketing, and that’s why understanding the difference between good, average and flawed sales copy is fundamental to your role as a business owner.

Adverts, websites, emails, sales letters, leaflets and more all need good copy in order to get your phone – and till – ringing!

That’s why Nigel and his personal copywriting genius, Mark Creaser, have pulled together the best and most comprehensive copywriting training they’ve ever seen.  Designed to walk you through the whole process of crafting ‘killer copy’, from planning to editing and everything in between, whatever type of marketing you are doing.

The “Copy Secrets” programme will teach you all the skills you need to start writing copy that really ‘pulls in’ your readers, helping you to dramatically increase your sales.

Priced at just £147+ VAT it’s a course that is delivered completely online so you can go through it at your own pace and easily track back and go over things twice if you need to.

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You'll discover:

  • The checklist of ‘essential elements’ that Nigel and Mark use when they’re writing their own copy...a checklist that has been worth over £8m in sales in the last 3 years. (This Checklist alone is worth the investment!)
  • How to plan your copy perfectly, so you know EXACTLY what you’re going to write before you even put pen to paper – which makes it so easy to write!
  • Why you should use bullet points and lists in your copy and how to maximise the impact that they have on your readers
  • How to find the perfect guarantee for your business, and get it down on paper in a way that helps your readers to understand your message clearly and compels them to buy
  • What a “dual readership path” is, the tricks the pro’s use to create one and how it can more than double your results when done properly
  • The single biggest mistake most businesses make in their copy, and how to do it avoid it – always!
  • 6 simple steps to inject your copy with character, personality and warmth, making it way more readable and massively helping your conversions
  • How to identify the ‘invisible’ or ‘hidden’ benefits of your product or service, and how you can use them in your copy to maximise your sales

In additon, you'll also learn:

  • How to easily and quickly use stories in your copy to massively increase response
  • The three ninja tricks to establish your credibility
  • Nigel's formula to creat a a killer offer
  • The most under-used tool that hardly anyone deploys but which can add as much as 50% to your sales overnight
  • How “scribbles” can increase your readership and get money flowing into your account
  • Four secrets to making your copy super-personal in order to drive up response
  • How to use ‘takeaway selling’ to get people to buy more quickly
  • How ‘reader involvement’ makes a massive difference to your marketing – and the ‘Fab Five’ ways to make it happen

StarsFREE BONUS "25 Classic Sales Letters"Stars

Nigel has pulled together a selection of 25 of the most inspirational, most remarkable and most captivating sales letters that have ever been written. There are classics in this collection from IBM, Mercedes and American Express, as well as a couple of Nigel’s own best-performing sales letters, for My Mag and the original Entrepreneur’s Circle letter.

Having access to these proven letters will help you to write better copy (they’re that good!), but read in conjunction with the whole “Copy Secrets” package, they’ll turbocharge your learning, and help you to gain the understanding and insight you need to significantly boost your marketing results

Yes please, add "Copy Secrets" to my Basket

Wait! I'm one of Nigel's Club Members, where's my special offer?